The Pangolin Chobe Hotel

The Pangolin Chobe Hotel is our boutique Hotel customized for the needs of any photographer! Located only a few hundred meters away from the Chobe National Park, ideally positioned for photographic activities, equipped with a build-in editing suite, room for gear and charging space as well as the best internet locally available you will be able to get creative.

The centrepiece of the building is the wildlife photography gallery, connecting all fourteen rooms. The gallery features an array of images from our resident photographic guides and other top wildlife photographers to keep you inspired.

The Hotel itself has been inspired by the shape of a Pangolin in order to raise awareness amongst our clients for this highly endangered animal. If you would like to learn more about Pangolin's and their plight please click on the logo below!


Pangolins, also sometimes called scaly anteaters, are strange looking creatures covered with protective horny, overlapping scales. It is estimated that the African Pangolin has been around for over 40 million years, adapting itself to the changing environment in order to survive.

There are eight different pangolin species in the world, with four in Africa and four in Asia.

The Pangolin is now the most trafficked mammal in the world. The demand for its scales and meat, mostly from the Asian market, means that if we don’t do something soon then the pangolin will go extinct in the very near future.

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